Our Lit Team



Usman Malik


He is a content licensing specialist and has deep insights into the international media acquisitions and IPs business.

He became the IP consultant in Pakistan for global content brands. He also served as Pakistan’s lead consultant for BBC Studios South Asia.

He is a serial founder and has co-founded two startups apart from Grenlit and has 360 understanding of large scale businesses.

 He is also serving as “Entrepreneur in Residence” at one of New York’s top and highly exclusive Venture Capital Firm with an acceptance rate of 0.2%. The firm is an investor in hundreds of companies with investments in companies like Space X, Coinbase, Stripe, Warby Parker to name a few. 

Tariq Qazi



Tariq Qazi is an experienced professional with over 9 years in content and advertising industry. 

Tariq has worked with biggest names in the industry which include Starcom Pakistan, Group M, OMD, McCann and Spark international. Working with clients like Engro Foods, Mondelez, Telenor etc. gives industry wide experience of content marketing aligned with brand strategy.

Tariq holds the experience of content and creative head at Pakistan’s biggest e-commerce platform Daraz. (An Alibaba Group Company) Apart from managing over all content out flow on all social platforms, his responsibilities included strategic alliances in order to bring growth to business.


Rizwan Siddiqui


Rizwan Siddiqui is a seasoned communication professional with experience of working over a decade across media agencies handling a vast array of local and global brands. He has held top positions in global media agencies like McCann group, Starcom Mediavest group and OMD Pakistan doing award winning campaigns for brands. His Ace management skills being the Director of the leading Digital agency managing the business P&L and a team of 70+ individuals across tech, ecommerce, strategy, creative & productions .

He is a known name in the industry and his strong PR with advertisers.

Raheel Usman


Muhammad Raheel Usman is a highly accomplished entrepreneur and marketing professional known not only for his professional success but also for his compassionate nature. With a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing from Brunel University and a Master’s degree from Monash University in Melbourne, Raheel has built a career marked by excellence and a commitment to helping others.

With a solid foundation in marketing, Raheel has embarked on a successful career that includes heading various business units. His entrepreneurial spirit and marketing expertise have allowed him to thrive in multiple industries, including the auto sector, textile, health and safety, and the service industry.